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Textaholic right here!
43 19%
Yeah, I do quite a bit.
96 42%
Not really.
59 26%
I don't even have a phone...
30 13%
Voters: 228.
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not like nonstop during class like most people do in school. Ill make have like 10-15 a week or something.
yes and i get in troube
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lmao edit: in response to ur question.. i sent bout.... 5 texts a week...
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Not really, I prefer tot talk to people in person

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yes if there is a need to...thats why cell phones exist -- to call and text
Yes, free text's for the win.
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Only when somone else texts me first. Then after a while if I feel like the conversation is going nowhere I usually say that I have to go... as if I have a life
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i dont understand the point of texting
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i have full conversations via text messages with at least one person every day. that usually comes out to about seven sent messages a day, which comes out to about 49 a week. that sounds right.
guess i better own up
i get 2000 txts a month
i use at least 1500 in that time period
i really do not know what consists of this amount
i guess. i do about 400-500 a month.
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I text the majority of the time.
I hate talking on the phone.
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Nope. Don't have a phone. I would rather play guitar or do something with my life other than text.
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no, i don't have a cell phone.

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oh yeah
I do like 50-200 a day, depends if there's school and if I'm hanging out with anyone, and I still don't count that as a lot
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I just checked. about 470 messages since march 15th.. but that's excessive for me, usually it's about 20 per month.

i send one per week let's say... to my teacher (i cancel my class)/ to the girl i like..

to anyone..
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somewhere between "Not Really" & "Quite a Bit."

Maybe 5 a day?
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300 a month, would like to use more but funds do not allow
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I text the majority of the time.
I hate talking on the phone.

I'm the exact opposite, I'd much rather talk to my friends on the phone and I hate texting but a lot of that is due to my phone, I have a V3 RAZR and its keypad is bad enough but then I have really big hands so I have to use my fingernails and it hurts after a few texts.
Chose "Not Really". I only text a couple of chicks now and then. That's it.
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I text a little, only when I'm asking people things. I'd much prefer hearing the persons voice or talking on the computer. Texts get too cumbersome and they're a pain in the ass when you want to say something long.
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
And oh my god I feel so damn old
I don't really feel anything
during the school week i probably average 80 text messages a day... class gets boring
but then again having unlimited texting and this phone kinda adds to the usage
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i sent maybe 1-5 a day

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yeah i do...i think i text more than i talk on my fone...my thumbs hurt
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yeah i send like 3000 a month, usually to my gf. when im not with her we pretty much text each other like constantly i also get 750 mins but i use no more than maybe 10 of those a month. it should cost me 40 quid on vodafone but woo go staff discount!
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not like nonstop during class like most people do in school. Ill make have like 10-15 a week or something.

yeah me too, i dnt like textin' to much... I use t'internet i.e msn..
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