For my birthday, I want a tremolo arm. My guitar is a Gibson SG Classic, where the strings obviously dont go into the body. I wanted to get a Bigsby, but you have to drill into your guitar and it leave the two bridge holes open. What is a somewhat cheap alternative to it, or what suggestions do you have?
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oh, cheap alternative

no can do unless you get it sent to a pro for a maestro or something. with that or a bigsby, therell be no divebombs on the go too. and possible poor tuning stability, a strat trem would be a huge job, and a FR would look out of place (assuming you have the P-90s model)

freekin sweet guitar tho
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Stetsbar? It's not too cheap though.
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Personally, I wouldn't let a drill come within a mile of that guitar. SG's shouldn't have trems, but if you really, really, really want one, you're probably going to have to make new holes.

If you feel the absolute need for one, Bigsby is probably the way to go. Look on guitarfetish.com Sometimes they have cheap bigsby style trems.
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Frankly, if you wanted a trem, you should have bought a guitar with a trem. It's almost a shame fudging up such a nice guitar.

yeah. it will be a expensive job and the result may not be that nice
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There is no CHEAP way to put a wammy in a guitar that didnt come with one. Any cheap way wont be very good. The thoman and les trem is just a vibrato like a bigsby. So it wont do dive bombs. Like was said if you want a wammy get a guitar with a wammy.
a bigsby is the only thing worthwile for SGs, you could get a Vibrola, bot those suck.
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