Okay i play through a randall rh200sc, and it has way to heavy distortion for me so im looking into a good distortion pedal, to play like paramore red jumpsuit stuff. I play a g-400, so suggest one for me!
boss ds1
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It really all depends on the type of amp you are using. Is it tube or solid state or a hybrid like the marshall avt series or peavy trans tube?

For 'tube' amps you do not need to add distortion unless it is a relativly clean sounding amp
go with a tube screamer !!

The ibanez ts-9 , boss sd-1, dod 250 or YJM pedal

If it is solid state do not use a tube screamer... duh !! there are no tubes to overdrive
the boss ds-1, metal zone, or turbo/mega distortion are exellent choices
ibanez makes a decent distortion pedal but it really goes too far if you are not careful of your settings!!!

Always use a noise gate or suppressor (boss ns-2 and rocktron hush are the best)to eliminate all the added hum you create from the added sensitivity you apply to the amp. make sure the pedal doesnt add too much volume to your amp that switching it on and off makes a pop noise come out of the speaker

hybrid amps are a versitile bunch ... anything wil do just fine but still use a noise suppressor