Ive been in a huge writers block for I dont even know now... Today, I just tryed to put my emotions on guitar and it came out exactly like it shouldve somehow. Im in one of my weird moods today...I feel kinda....emo(without the cutting yourself aand **** :P). Like...I feel kinda lonely(no ones here, lol), anxious, cuz I have anxies issues sometimes expecially when im bored and no ones home, and kinda just thinking about life and stuff...wow, I sound so emo today(I blame my anxiety, lol) It made the song VERY different then my normal songs. Its not the usual song I would make, its more of just an expirement, but came out pretty well. This all was made on guitar in like 1-3 takes per instrument(the 3 guitars) and a little adjusting for the chords in guitar pro, so its pretty much improvising(except after like 1 take for each I planned out some parts, like that harmonized part would go on a little while...,but thats about it). Tell me if you think I should go on and add a verse, then chorus, etc and make it a song. I dunno right now...
Intro 1.zip
I can't believe how much I've been critting today lol but anyway on with the show as it were...

That was cool. At first I thought, don't touch a thing making it into a song would ruin it but now I listen to it closer I can see verses, and choruses forming out of it. Like the harmonised distortion part that would be a cool chorus and such.

You should definately expanded on what you have. Tell you what, don't try and expand it along the lines of verse chorus verse chorus bridge... blah blah, but ya know, just go with the musical flow and see what happens.

Could make for a great little epic acoustic thing.

that was awesome dude
keep on working on it
and add words
its epic
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