Hi guys. I've been practising sweeping every day for a couple of weeks now, and I'm getting better and better. However, I feel that my right hand technique isn't too great. When I'm "pushing" the pick downwards, the motion isn't really smooth, and I seem to jump on every note, not making an even motion, and it almost looks like I'm downpicking every note. When bringing the pick back up, the motion is totally smooth, sounds good and it goes quite fast. I'm having serious trouble with building speed downwards with the pick.

Yes, I have and do practise SLOWLY, but it seems even harder the slower I go. Any advice on how to make the pick flow better?
relax your hand, and it helps if you hold the pick sort of at an angle, also, make an effort to keep the pick tight so that the pick is moving the strings and not the other way. Some people also find it easier to use their wrist for sweeping.
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True that to what the others said. Your wrist should kind of rotate when changing directions as to angle the pick so it glides over the strings. Also, have a loose grip between your thumb and forefinger so that the pick naturally glides.