looking for some full neck runs, like malmsteen.

for dexterity.

anyone recommend me a guitarpro tab or lesson?
yngwie malmsteen - arpeggios from hell
there is a cool section that starts by the nut and ends in the upper register

the solo to domination by pantera has a fast shred part at the end

any scale that starts on E F F# or G playing 3 or 4 notes per string
make **** up is the best way and you get some experience writing a solo

franz lisdt was an unbeliveable piano player and composer. use the right hand section of his piano practice pieces
they call them etudes

chromatic scales and whole tone scales stuff like that
the outro solo in nightrain by guns n' roses. it's pretty cool
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wow, i just found a very cool franz liszt neck run.

I am working on Arpeggios from Hell and know my scales.

just look for something fun to play and will suprise my pinky.