Never tried that one. Just don't get a Bowen Handle. I got one for £45 off of ebay recently and it's pretty pointless to be honest, it can only go down about a step, and then if you push it all the way down. I'm keeping it on my guitar anyway because a step is still more than none and it keeps in tune just as well as without it, but I wouldn't recommend the Bowen Handle.
its the way to go, you'll never fit a OFR, unless you're super crafty
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Quote by Ghold125
i think you should get a new guitar, imo.

i really wanna get one a new guitar, but you know, i'm planning on keeping it coz it was my first. and there's only 3 more years until i'm 18 and my dads gettin me a gibson lp
Any of the tremolos like that are just vibratos. Not a wammy. They wont do dimebag squeels. If you want an LP with a wammy shop around for one or pay the couple hundred to get 1 modded to wammy. But be prepared to lose some tone and quite a bit of sustain.