Poll: How do you get rid of cheesy fingertips after eating Cheetos?
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View poll results: How do you get rid of cheesy fingertips after eating Cheetos?
Lick off
40 61%
Wipe off
11 17%
Leave it
3 5%
Despise Cheetos
12 18%
Voters: 66.
Lick, or just wipe it on my top or trousers; thus, making me look silly.
I wash my hands?
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I get my man servant fabio to lick them
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I think someone just invented something for getting food off of your fingers..

They're called "napkins", I think. They'll never work.
stick 'em in ur mom. Sorry, it had to be said (at least I thought it did)

Lick em off. But only if I'm done. You have no idea how many times I bitched at my little sister for licking her fingers and sticking them back in the bag. Ew.
wipe em on the grass
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Lick off, wipe on trousers, and then bathe in vodka. Thank you Mythbusters for so much enlightenment!
Every time I eat Cheetos my pants get so cheesy.
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i scrape them off with my teeth and swallow, but i voted lick off cuz its the closet thing
I had to get a replacement after I broke my G string. What a pain in the ass!
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Every time I eat Cheetos my pants get so cheesy.

Odd cause everytime i meet up with your mum the same thing happens

P.S im sorry Muphin, i just had to!
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Wash your hands you insanitary sickos, no wonder you people end up with the most incredible ailments, basic hygiene!
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Rub it through a ginger person's hair.

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Who leaves it there?

I lick it.
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I leave it on.

Then fap mightily.
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