I have a Squire Affinity Strat (Piece of junk!) and when I play using the humbucker, I get a squeal. You would almost have to hear it to understand it. What it is is like a "mini-harmonic" right before the pick gets all the way through the string. Sometimes it's very short and fairly quiet. Other times, it's rather long and loud! Either way it's annoying as hell. I'm starting to think it's these piece of s*** STOCK pickups.

So heres the question...

Is it the angle I hold the pick, which is about as much as Paul Gilbert does, (Here's a video that shows it pretty well) or is it these piece of crap pickups?
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Are you sure that you aren't just using pinch harmonics? If you don't leave much of the pick showing from between your fingers, you could be causing them inadvertently.
Accidental pinch harmonics?
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First off, the SQUIER affinity strat is a pretty decent beginner guitar. I've had zero problems with mine.
Second, it does sound like it's your picking and not the pickups. Make sure you're not touching the string with your thumb when you pick.
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