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I am trying to learn loading the weapon by disturbed but I am a fairly new guitarist. My question is this: During the song, the distorted part there is a part where the guitarist plays a dead note/muted note. When I play that section my guitar just sorta goes c-c-clink. When he plays it it sounds like well... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_K8rY5NOTJk,
much cooler! How do I get that sound when I play the muted note?

You should watch the video. The tabs all show a muted note played on strings 4-6. It just doesn't sound right, but it also does not sound like a harmonic. It is very muted or strained but with some character. Mine just sounds like a dull click.
Thanks for your help...

What sort of setup could make a muted note sound like something rather than just dullness?
Yeah, and fresh strings will make it easier. The more crap built up on the back, the deader they'll sound.