Thats basically it looking for a amp worthy of being able to handle a jam.
looking for it to be cheap

Maybe a Pignose or Epi Valve amp, Fender Champ

just hit me up and Ill tell you if intrested then we can work out price or trade, I have some necks, a body, loaded pickguard wah pedal for trade plus $
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More than just jam worthy, this is gig worthy as well. I've got a Madison Divinity 60W Class A Tube 112 Combo for $650 shipped. The amp is mint and new, I've had it for only a few weeks. Only reason I'm selling is to raise funds for a business I decided to start (it's now or never). Therefor I'm selling almost everything I have except for a few sentimental pieces.

Here's the thread on it: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=817677