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So I'm buying a pedal and this is what I've been stuck with for an I/O connection. All arguments against buying the pedal, what the **** is this?!

Once I know what it is I can figure out a solution, but I need some assistance if it is possible (Note the pedal is Russian in design). Also, the power input looks different. If it is...Damn commies...
Those look like mic/PA cable I/Os. Meaning it's gonna be a challenge run your guitar through it.

Damn Commies, indeed.
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it even looks russian lol.

if you cant play through it u could always use it as a weapon.
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Are you sure that's guitar pedal? It could just as easily be a pedal that controls a sewing machine.
Or it could be an oldschool russian tattooist's pedal?
They Give Me Disease, They Give Me A Pain In My Neck.
Well, since the bidding is over, I'll show you the rest of the pedal:

Image 1: Clicky

As you can see, it is a very unique pedal. I just couldn't let it go, I have problems like that...:P