Move this thread if it is in the wrong spot.. I couldn't really find where to post it, and soloing involves electric guitar, so here it is!

Basically, I play acoustic.. Andy McKee stuff, but I have always been a big Grateful Dead fan and other classic rock bands. (cause of my dad) I received an electric and amp for Christmas, and instead of learning straight songs, (like my other friends.. copying the solos completely) I decided to learn how to really solo. You know, like improvise. Find some guy playing chords, and I can make what I want.. not copy others' solos.

Anyways I have been reading "Scale Chord Relationships" from Hal Leonard and it is perfect for what I need. I can now take 2-3 random chords and know what scale its from.

Anyways now I need help.

Can somebody direct me to, or post, a good lesson on the Major scale? Penatonic, or just the normal scale would be fine.

I have a teacher who taught me the C major pentatonic up the fretboard and to change it to D, E, F, etc. I just move the positions up a whole or half step, but then this makes it so they are REALLY high up and doesn't work out for me.


Question for the post:

Can I have a link to a GOOD Major or Major Pentatonic scale lesson for ALL the scales.

(like C, D, E, F, G, A, B, Bb... etc.)