As stupid as this sounds, I'm looking for a guitar stand. The reason I'm asking for everyone's advice is because I recently bought an Eric Johnson strat, which has a nitrocellulose finish, and I've heard horror stories of guitar stands and nitro finishes. Anyone that is in a similiar situation that can offer any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
My Setup ~

-Fender Eric Johnson Signature Strat (My Pride and Joy)
-Epiphone Les Paul Standard
-Austin Fat Strat
-Peavey ValveKing 110
-Crate GX15
-PODxt w/ FBV Shortboard
-Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi
-Boss Looping Pedal
Something like this should be fine, or just wrap a scarf or something around the padding of your stand. It's the rubber/foam padding that nitrocellulose finishes don't like.