hi ive been trying to write some metal riffs but they all seem a bit boring and dont know how to get aroung this. The sound im going for is like kinda slow powerful metal with some palm muting and powerchords etc. Im tryign to get puchcy riffs with a steady beat if anyones got any suggestions on how to improve these riffs.
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i think it always helps me when i set a metranome and like make stuff up to the tempo or better yet look up some backing tracks and get some that are random
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Mess around with different keys, different runs, pinch harmonics, different dynamics and feels, and different harmonies and melodies.
Listen to AC/DC.
Nearly all their riffs are the same.
But the melody is what makes them differ.
Write a melody and sing/play it on guitar, and see if they're all boring then.
If they are, well, listen to new bands and get new influences.

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Yea just messin around is sometimes the best stuff ive come up with, or takin other great riffs and making somethin of my own, but not to similar.
take power chords and change the rhythm.

Have you heard metallica's disposable heroes?

just after the intro the guitar changes time signatures I think, and just plays an open E power chord with a sweet rhythm with triplets

Learn some Iced Earth riffs, such as Travel in Stygian, its just using a simple minor scale but changes the rhythm dramaticaly from basic 4/4 time.

watch Paul gilbert videos on YouTube, he easily shows how most things normally boring played slower can create a totally new and exciting sound if you speed it up (without sacraficing accuracy and tempo)

look for inspiration from all other guitarists, and put more time and effort into writing new licks.

if you're any good with sheet music, write something down first then learn what you wrote. if you have the key signature right everything will be in the right key already

cheers for all info i picked up my guitar earlier n started noodling about thinking about different rhythms n melodies etc and found i was playing a pretty cool riff in like 5 mins. Kinda like the chorus in Laid to Rest by Lamb of God.

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