im curious how you guys like to get pumped up before you go on stage. personally, i listen to johnny cash. what about you?
Please dont make fun of me.
Before a big gig, my band gets in a huddle like thingy and prays. Not just a help us god pray. Its like us screaming at eachother and gettting pumped. It works, believe it or not.
-Andrew H
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i shake, freak out, get super nervous and wish i wasn't there. but once i'm onstage i have a blast.

haha, that was pretty funny dude.

I sing songs that piss me off, mostly megadeth stuff. That does it for me.
I stectch out(10 mins before), do puch ups then strectch out all muscles again so im warmed up properlly and have shot of jager 10 seconds before hand..


p.s. kirk hammet does push ups before going out on stage (Thats how i got the idea- it works)
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listen to davidian by machine head of course

machine head are good for getting you pumped up!
especially slanderous!

i just......eat some chocolate, have a drink, listen to one or two fast songs, play some quick runs on my guitar and get to it really

i miss gigging
Top lel.
splashing water on your face helps too.

never played a gig after drinking (im 16, and the venue would never have us back again).

johnny cash and bob dylan realy do it for me for some reason
i just listen to music and go eat food and look at the crowd thats coming in tonight and try to think who i wanna be with after lol.
I don't normally need to, I'm normally pretty hyped up anyway. Before a gig I just have a drink and something to eat and tune up. Normally takes me a few minutes to start getting into the music though, I get fairly nervous.
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it really gives me the burst of energy that i need, plus it helps me stay up all night

Just kidding.
The last gig we had it was raining and we all had a little dance in the rain. That got us pumped up.
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Please dont make fun of me.
Before a big gig, my band gets in a huddle like thingy and prays. Not just a help us god pray. Its like us screaming at eachother and gettting pumped. It works, believe it or not.

that sounds like something my band should try.
I meditate. During the period of meditation I think about things that inspire me to action. Mostly political things, seeing as I am in a punk band with rather political lyrics it works. The thing that gets me going the most though is the first song in our set. It is Aneurysm by Nirvana. It is super simple, but I focus every once of energy into every note. After we play that song I am ready to rip heads off shoulders.
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monster energy drinks, i go crazy after 2 of them

lol. rule #1 dont pull a me and drink 32 oz monster than a 5 hour energy drink and try to play guitar. u will think the tone is F'ed up and get pissed.
I am thinking about trying some energy drinks before we go on stage. I have Tourrette's (not bad, I just twitch a little) and caffeine makes me go CRAZY!!! I can't stop moving.
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I just sing songs while playing my acoustic. Last night I did it in the parking lot, but it can be anywhere...

It warms up my voice, makes me feel comfortable performing, and makes my fingers used to playing guitar, so they're not clumsy at all.

That's a good idea

I might do that from now on

I just let the first two or three songs pump me, then by the rest I'm kind of running on fumes, lol
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**** Push ups......

My band prays and then since im always the first one to finish setting up (i basically just tune my guitar, plug guitar to the head and set volumes while everybody else is adjusting cymbals and 10 pedal effect levels) i jam by myself the latests songs i've learned/been working on.
i'm in two bands right now. with one, i'll just warm up a bit by playing really fast runs. i also run through what i'm about to do. i normally sing '80's metal with this band, so i drink some water and warm up my multitasking skills.

i haven't giged with the other enough to have a system of getting stoked.

with one of my previous bands, the three of us would pray in a huddle. just asking for us all to perform to the best of our abilities. and then just walk onstage and give an amazing performance while having a really great time.
i just kinda stay away from my band for a bit and hang out with my friends until we have about 10 minutes till we get on. then we get together and talk about the show, crack some jokes, then get on stage and have fun. thats what its about. i don't really believe in strict ritualls.
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DRINK - lots of it lol

this helps as well. depending on how much you drink. i saw puddle of mudd break up on stage once in toledo because their singer got too trashed to play the set. they are back together now. unfortunatley.
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I get the testosterone going as much as possible.

Does walking round spanking girls work for you?
We don't do anything specially really, last time we played a show we went to mcdonalds to get something to eat, then got to the show, rehearsed on stage for a few mins before the audience arrived. Then before we went on stage we were just like "you guys ready for this?" then we played the show
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Nothing really, the fact that I get to play live is usually enough to get me pumped and excited.

And maybe we can fly away from here, surf on the debris of a broken scene...
i just think about how sicknasty it will be on stage. then the band kinda gets into the cliche huddle (i'll admit it) and we just sorta say alright do your best this is gonna be awesome. and we jump around a little. and we go out and have fun.
I sit behind the stage and play guitar up until we're right about to go on. Then we huddle up and say "Balls out preformance, nothing less. Hurdle the weak trample the dead" and by that time its time to go on stage
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I don't do anything in particular.
I'm already slightly nervous just before going on stage but never really nervous. I know that as a Sabbath tribute band, we're good at what we do so I don't have to worry about the performance, but there's always that little niggle at the back of your mind that makes you wonder how the audience will react to you because every audience is different.
Because of this, I tend to go a little quiet just before the gig, but it's also this slight nervousness that gives me my first shot of adrenaline of the night.
We always start the set off with 'Black Sabbath' with it's doom laden slow riffs, during which the nervousness generaly dissappears, but then towards the end of the song it speeds right up and seriously kicks ass.
This is when I get my second shot of adrenaline.
Then we go straight from 'Black Sabbath' to 'Fairies Wear Boots' without stopping to catch our breaths, which gives me another shot of adrenaline, and by the time we end that song and I actualy get a chance to say 'Good evening.' to the audience, I'm about as pumped up as it gets.
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you just do
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Also caught her playing fallout boy on my guitar, changed my strings and cleaned it the next day. A week later it was greenday.
If she does anythign like that again I'm going to snap her drumsticks, kick her bass drum in and frisbee her cymbals.
energy drinks, they do it for me.....
At the end of the gig you just want to go home and sleep.
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personally, ill preserve my energy for the show, have a rockstar energy drink, make sure all of our gear is set up, check out the crowd, etc

ok also, its kinda weird, but out of the 5 people in my band 4 of us play football, so before a show, we kinda have a pep talk in football style, and get majorly pumped before we go on

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i just sit around and crack jokes with the band. usually with the guitar in my hands, and going through our first song we'll play. nothing is more relaxing than a good laugh with your band, and it keeps me in good spirits for when i get on stage.
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