got a laney vc50
now to get pauls sound.

what does anyone else with a similar laney use?

bass, mid, treble, gain, presence etc.
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all i know is that he uses a lot of presence
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all i know is that he uses a lot of presence

haha, well done. Im assuming your talking about that little joke he did on the instructional vid? funny stuff.
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I loved his Intense Rock dvds (much more enjoyable than Rock Discipline), but I thought his tone was thin and cold. Amazing player, though.
I dont have a pic of his laney settings but I have a pic of his settings for his marshall. You could try that and go from there.

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although his tone is thin, it fits perfectly for what he plays imo
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At least his tone doesn't mask his technique...
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His technique is his tone

yes he does use a lot of presence and his settings are pretty different than a lot of metal players but pauls tone is mostly in his sequence and lick style