I have a reverb in my old crate (40 watt) that I like more than the reverb in my palomino. Is it possible to unscrew the reverb tanks and switch them around?
Sorry in advance if this is a stupid question.
last i checked palamino is a dirivited brand from crate like blackheart is right?
if so it might work but i wouldnt take chences unless you absolutely 100% trust in your soldering abilitys
you should be able to swap the tanks if you wire them back up correctly. the circuits will be different however and you may not get your desired sound.

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I don't think i'd need to solder anything. They both are seperate from the circuit section(underneath the enclosed circuit on the g40c, and on the bottom of the amp itself on the palomino), and have input and output jacks. I could be completely wrong though. I have no experience modding amps.