But I don't play much fingerstyle (read: no fingerstyle) and so my right hand is just clumsy. I can play it but it's slow, and I can't get my fingers to stay on their assigned strings. (I am using my thumb for 4-6 and my index on 3, middle on 2, and ring on 1)
After a while I catch myself using my thumb for 3, or my index on 2.

Am I just not in good fingerstyle shape? Is there maybe some easier fingerstyle song that I could play to learn this a little better? Would Stairway be a good place to start?

Thanks in advance.
I'm looking for a tab of The Marshall Plan, by Blue Oyster Cult, and of Mario Minor, by Powerglove. If you have one please PM me.
Stairway is probably a good one. I'd try Is There Anybody Out There by Pink Floyd and Spanish Romance to get the hang of it.
Don't be so quick to give up. Focus on what you're doing wrong and make concious attempts to correct it. Do it as slowly as it takes at first, even if it's only 1 note a minute. It's like driving, you don't get behind the wheel for the first time and immediately start driving 120mph, it takes time to build that kind of skill and technique. So you start out slow, driving at 25, until you feel comfortable. Then you turn on the radio and your battery dies.... well the analogy kinda breaks down there.

Point is, stay with it and really focus on what you're doing. You'll get it
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Thanks a lot guys! Is There Anybody Out There's tab looked like a bunch of sweeps but I see why you recommended it - it's a great workout for all the fingers.
The picking on Spanish Romance isn't too hard but some of the chord fingerings are really weird - I dunno if I'm just playing them wrong or what.
I'm getting Stairway down pretty well, and I still need to look at Dust In the Wind. Blackbird is coming along as well. I think I just need to keep playing fingerstyle songs.
I'm looking for a tab of The Marshall Plan, by Blue Oyster Cult, and of Mario Minor, by Powerglove. If you have one please PM me.
I would honestly say that you should keep at it. It's a challenge for you and if you succeed in learning blackbird then you have made good progress in developing your skills as a guitarist. Plus you will feel like you are on top of the world when you play the full song without a hitch.

Keep it up man and Practice, practice, practice!
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are you over complicating things? i just use my thumb and pointer finger.... its pretty easy as fingerpicking songs go. what tab are you using?
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look for a video on Youtube, good way to get ideas/see how others do it and adapt to something that works for you.
I am also trying to learn it - it seems easier than it is since you are only fretting two notes at a time, but I am having difficulty as well. (I don't practice as much as I should - frustration with perceived lack of progress, although others say they notice me getting better).

I am using Blackbird tab from the Acoustic Guitar for Dummies book

REM - Everybody Hurts is an easier song to begin fingerpicking with IMO, try that one, helped me with coordination.
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