Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone could help me zero-in on my next guitar choice. Just to be clear, I have absolutely no money to spend at the moment, but I'm getting a job this summer and I'm going to be saving up for another guitar... so, which of these do you prefer?

ESP LTD KH-202 Kirk Hammet - Basically I want this guitar because it's the same style Kirk Hammet plays. I'm also looking for a mean looking guitar, and a tremelo bar.

Ibanez XPT700 Xiphos - This thing just looks sweet, and if I did get this one it'd be the Blue Chameleon finish.

Epiphone Les Paul Custom - Alpine White finish with gold hardware. Plus it's got the sweet outline around the edges, which is the only way I'd buy a LP. Gotta have the outlined edge.


Epiphone G-310 SG - Or just another SG, but better, since my current SG is only a special and doesn't have the pickguard that I want on it (and I can't just go and buy the fullsize pickguard because it won't fit with the positions of the pickups on the special).

Although I don't have any money saved towards another guitar yet, these are my first 4 choices for when I invest in a new one this summer. Which would you reccommend most? Thanks.
Epiphone G-310 SG- Dont get it! i have one, basically a stater guitar.something thats the same but a bit better, you should go for the a SG from the epiphone prophecy range.

Either that or go for the kirk hammet!
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I vote LP Custom, because I absolutely love LPs.

I'm told that ESPs below the 4 or 500 level are junk, and I personally don't like Ibanez. The G310 is not on par with the Custom.
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The top three are in another league from the G-310. What genres do you play?
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personally i would quite easily choose the Ibanez over the others, probably just cos i dont like Kirk Hammet & i dont really want to own an Epiphone!!
but a lot of people tell me im weird, because i dont like Fender or Gibson.....
anyway, i want one of those Ibanez's, but i have no money =/
ive wanted to try the xiphos, but i have a guitar similar to the esp and thats a great 2nd guitar in my opinion.
From reading about your descriptions, it sounds like your focusing too much on the looks. Imagine a guitar to be similiar to a girl: Even if she makes you question your reason for living anymore when you look at her face, you still pretty much win if she can send you into a seizure in the sack.
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I just LOVE ESP. in my opinion it is the most reliable, well built, all-around amazing guitar company. so i say KH-202. and its not just because i love ESP but because that is an amazing guitar. i dont own it because im saving up for a custom guitar but everytime i go to a guitar shop i play it and its amazing. The Xiphos is pretty sweet too. i like the DiMarzio pickups and the finish is insane. so if moneys the problem, pick the cheaper but if you'll have access to enough money for either pick on which you think sounds best
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I'd go with the LP.
Playing a guitar because somebody else plays it (i.e, you're Kirk Hammett statement) is just obsessive and a little stupid.
For the price of the KH-202 there may even be better out there.
music style?
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ugh, sorry it's taken so long to reply everyone... internet's been crap all week, AND, I just finished typing up a reply about 5 minutes ago, and my browser froze when I clicked Post, so I lost it. So here I am, attempting again to post a reply.

So... My playing style ranges from rock, to hard rock, to metal. With that being said, I like spine-tingling clean tones, but a wide range of ear-blistering distorted tones. My SG Special let's me play around A LITTLE BIT with those distorted tones, but I think there's still a wide range out there that I just can't get with it.

I'm also changing that G-310 to a G-400 since now I know it can come with a full-faced pickguard. I hate those half-butt SG pickguards that Epi uses (and I think Gibson too on a couple models), they just look dumb and by my opinion, don't give you that whole SG feel.

So a little more in the sound category. I want something that can achieve tones like Metallica (hence the KH-202), Haste The Day (Their lead plays an SG and rhythm plays LP), and post-"Alien Youth" Skillet (Ben plays some new brand of guitar that I can't think of right now, but it's very similar to the LP).

But I also want something that just feels good to play. I'm gonna check out as many of those 4 as I can on Thursday when I'm at Guitar Center to buy myself a Crybaby Wah, and I'll get back to you on what I think about which guitars I'm able to play (because it all depends on what they have in stock) when I get home Thurs night. Until then, I appreciate the suggestions because you're really helping me, a total beginner, make the right choice on my 2nd guitar. Keep em' coming
you can't really choose a guitar by looks. While looks are good, the most imporant thing is how it feels while playing, and what kind of sound you want.

Don't get the G-310, its basically the same as the SG special, except with two extra knobs.

LP custom- pretty good choice. Would probably be the same as a low to midrange-end gibson.

I can't really say anything about the others, cuz i haven't tried either.
spend 5to6 hours at GC and figure out what you like
The nice part about being a pessimist is that you are constantly being either proven right or pleasantly surprised
-George Will

Also caught her playing fallout boy on my guitar, changed my strings and cleaned it the next day.
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spend 5to6 hours at GC and figure out what you like

most likely what I'll end up doing
Xiphos = Edge 3 => dont buy.
Epiphone sg310 = cheap and bad.

personally out of those Id go with the Epi LP custom but I know I like LPs.
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For your playing style and within your choices for guitars...I'd say the LP custom. I have one myself, not an epiphone, but I'm going to assume that it's pretty good cause I absolutely love my guitar over the fact that I can play basically anything with it.
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