I want to make nice guitar bone nuts, for me and some freinds, maybe for money. I'll buy these
and these
I have a few questions

1. Do I need anything else (I have a lot of random files for shaping) and am I paying a fair price?

2. Where can I learn tips and tricks for making guitar nuts?
Never used the files of that style. I have a set of thin ones of each size but seems like a decent price. Theres a bit of an art to making a good one. It will take some time to get it down. So be prepared to screw up a few. Good luck making any money at it tho. Everybody seems to want everything for free anymore.
thats why I'm buying 25, I figue the first ones I do will be pretty bad, but once I get it down, I'll buy some gibson and martin sized blanks and have a varaity. So just trial and error for learning how to do it?