Move this thread if it is in the wrong spot.. I couldn't really find where to post it, and soloing involves electric guitar, so here it is!

Basically, I play acoustic.. Andy McKee stuff, but I have always been a big Grateful Dead fan and other classic rock bands. (cause of my dad) I received an electric and amp for Christmas, and instead of learning straight songs, (like my other friends.. copying the solos completely) I decided to learn how to really solo. You know, like improvise. Find some guy playing chords, and I can make what I want.. not copy others' solos.

Anyways I have been reading "Scale Chord Relationships" from Hal Leonard and it is perfect for what I need. I can now take 2-3 random chords and know what scale its from.

Anyways now I need help.

Can somebody direct me to, or post, a good lesson on the Major scale? Penatonic, or just the normal scale would be fine.

I have a teacher who taught me the C major pentatonic up the fretboard and to change it to D, E, F, etc. I just move the positions up a whole or half step, but then this makes it so they are REALLY high up and doesn't work out for me.


Question for the post:

Can I have a link to a GOOD Major or Major Pentatonic scale lesson for ALL the scales.

(like C, D, E, F, G, A, B, Bb... etc.)

Do a google search for CAGED major scale forms. This is a system that allows you to play the major scale anywhere on the neck.

It is a very intuitive method for learning the patterns of the major scale on the fretboard and many teachers use it.

Like your teacher taught you with the pentatonic scale, to change keys, you could just move the position that you are using up or down a certain number of frets. But, understanding the CAGED fretboard patterns will allow you to play the same scale in different positions on the neck, so you won't get into trouble with running out of room.

You just choose a more practical pattern for the situation....

Hope this helps.