so i go a Crate G412 100W 4x12 Cab really cheap, its not that great, i think, im not no sound genius or anything, but i know it can sound better, i want to change the speakers, what would be some good speakers to put on it? and would it be too difficult for me to change them? or i would have to ta it to a pro? thanks!!
haha i bought the same cab really cheap and im doing the exact same thing, I'm gonna load it with celestion G 75 T's I think, as far as loading them in you should definetly be able to do it by yourself. if you open it up all the speakers have those quick disconnects, so you pull them off the speaker,load the new one in, then reconnect the wires to the new speaker, if you think youll mix the wires up just do it one at a time. if you do get mixed up there are some wiring diagrams on here I think in the tutorial thread
hey thanks dude. do you knwo where i can buy them from? and are celestions the best speakers i can get?
No problem man. Yeah lots of people like celestions, they are kinda like the gibson of speakers haha. You could also check out eminence, they come in some higher end amps and they seem alittle bit cheaper (price wise) then celestions, I wouldn't know what to recomend for eminence speakers though. You can find those celestions on musiciansfriend. just make sure when you are browsing speakers you are looking at 12 inch speakers cause thats what size you will need for that cabinet.
For the price of four new speakers (you're talking $400 for a quartet of V30s), I'd just sell that cab and buy a half-decent one. Even if it sounds better with new drivers, it'll never be particularly roadworthy and the cheap wood can make some diference to the quality of the tone.

As for individual speaker recommendations that depends on the styles you play, how much power you need to be able to handle, the impedence of the amp head you'll be using and a number of other factors. The manufacturers' sites can provide some help, Eminence have a big pdf comparison chart which is extremely useful.
Don't forget you can mix and match different drivers too (Greenbacks and Vintage 30s work well together). Be aware that decent speakers will likely make the cab much heavier.
........well i got my cab really, really cheap, so i wanted to do that. but thanks for the info you guys, always helpful
Take a look at craigslist. You may get lucky.\
I got 3 Celestion G12K-85 speakers for $40 (total, not each)
(He had 4 but when he went to get them out of storage, he found one of them was damaged).