ok i was watching a vdeo of metallicas fade to blak, and since im a guitaist trying to get my a good finger placmet style i was watching kirks fnger placement and when he was playing te solos he used his three main fingers and his pinky wasnt being used at all, which i hadnt seen a guitarist do before. well my question is, do any of you play like that and is it a prefence alot of people tend to use. cause its basically what i do now because i cant get my pinky to stay close to the fretboard (dont get me wrong i still use it just no that much )
it depends on how comfortable you are with stretching your fingers. generally a weaker stretch is made up for by using your pinky for the higher frets, while if you have a strong stretch you may use your ring finger instead. using your ring finger is an advantage since its generally stronger than your pinky. other than that its just preference, theres no real right or wrong.
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I use my pinky, due to me learning riffs in This Mortal Soil by Mastodon, which require a 5-fret stretch. Its all practice, but generally is considered good technique to use. Has some1 mentioned to you the one-finger-per-fret rule? It also prevents hand and wrist strain, which is not good.
yah ive heard of the one finger per fret rule, but like most rules i know there are exceptions, one of my main problems is trying to go bakc and relearn song with all four finger instead of the three i learned them with like sweet child o mine