I'm looking for a cheap second guitar to have on hand
I was originally going to buy an Ibanez DT-120
But this guy turned out to be a total douche bag

So I was thinking..
Epi Les Paul II
Dean MLX or VX

Anybody that knows what good is, see anything good?
*thinks churchs chicken..*

Erm.. Anyways...
I'd go up to $250
Looking for a more metal guitar
Will be tuned to C#
Probably switch back and forth between stardard and C#
Can I trust this site?
or has anyone bought from there?
Looks kind of shady

My choices are:
[Again] http://www.rondomusic.com/product1231.html


or maybe one of the B-stock (Blem) V's for $99 and save to get some nice EMG's