So, I'm thinking about getting an Ashdown, but I decided I'd rather go with a head+cab instead of the combo. I'm looking at the MAG 600, but I don't know if I should go for an Ashdown cab as well.

Any suggestions, good sirs?
I posted a similar post earlier today...quite interested. Except I was looking at the EVO II combo. Any reason for the Head + Cab???
Well, I'd be able to get more power, and also, it would be more versatile (I guess).

To be honest, I don't really have a reason, it would just be more appealing to have the head+Cab... *shrugs*
Yargh, lad, ye cannae just be usin' the head to be playin' music.

Ye be needin' a cab, as they be the actual speakers.

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Yargh, lad, ye cannae just be usin' the head to be playin' music.

Ye be needin' a cab, as they be the actual speakers.


+1 ter my good ol' shipmate.

A head ain't got ner speakers in. But that amp sure sets a good top speed and be a good un'.

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Ok, now that we've established that, what kind of cabs would you suggest?
Yar, me hearty, I don't know why we're talkin' like pirates fer the life a me, but I'll do it anyway.

A while back I bought meself an Avatar Speakers B212 Neo. I'm very satisfied. It does the jarb well, with nary a complaint. I play with 2 guitarists, and one of them has one of those massive seafarin' Marshall JVM half-stacks, and ye can still hear me over the din. It be a wonderful soundin' cab, and not an expensive one neither, at a paltry $330. Or perhaps ye've got a little more money, and ye'd prefer to spend 400 duckets fer a lovely 4x10, again from Avatar. www.avatarspeakers.com
A guy in town was selling a MAG 600 + Ashdown 8x10. The head I've heard has some issues, nothing super serious, but beware. And don't get a Ashdown cab, theres better.
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what other cabs would do well since we're already changing subjects a little?

For cheap, Avatar is the way to go. If you like a modern sound, look for something with Neodymium magnets. They save weight, too.
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I personally really like the Mesa Vintage Powerhouse 1200 if you got the $1,600 for it. The Bassman 410 is also a very tight cab for the price.
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Nothing, I just felt like saying "lol". : D

So majority agrees that Avatar Cabs are epic?

So, what you guys say if I told you I'm gonna get a MAG 300H and an Avatar 212 Neo?
Seems like a good choice to me, I have been looking at that head too, heres a youtube video of a MAG 300 combo, with 4x 10" speakers, sounds very good in my ears:
Video =)

I know its different speakers than you said but still the amp would make the biggest part of the tone huh?

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Ok, I need another opinion. Do you think I should get a 4 or 8 ohm cabinet?