ESP's M series is one of my favorites (The Ex and Fx being my to pfavorites). I think Flame Maples are the most beautiful things ever made if you put a see-thru color on there (i suggest stblk). they sound great and have the best woods and the double-locking bridge and nut really help keep it in tune. If i were you id buy it and throw on EMGs but the stock pickups are pretty good. I'd definatly buy it.
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probably has a cheap floyd, save up to 700 and get the MH 400, or the Jackson Dk2.
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Personally, I have an ESP/LTD M-1000FM, although it's in a whole different league, quality wise. Yours has a licensed floyd, which according to many people is not the best. Also, I have some concerns about the standard pickups on the M100. But as Johansensan pointed out, that's an easy fix
I really, -really-, like it a lot. It plays very smooth, sounds very good, and looks awesome.
Seriously though, if you want good advice, go play it for yourself before you buy anything. Otherwise, it's just a bet on the quality. I've had luck (ordered online), but you're only lucky until you get some crapola piece of wood in the mailbox.

Check for yourself ^^:

Also, here are some reviews on HarmonyCentral about the M-100
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HEy i have that guitar. The reviews and what alot of people say about the quility of it are not true. Its a great guitar! My licensed floyd has no problems, and the pickups for stock are actually pretty decent. I really recommend you get this guitar, great for begginer to intermidiate.
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probably has a cheap floyd, save up to 700 and get the MH 400, or the Jackson Dk2.

I'd go with that.
buying a guitar with a cheap floyd is not a good idea.
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