Okay, here's my situation...

I bought an '06 Mexican Deluxe Fat Strat, but I didn't really like the sound, so I started modifying. It now has a humbucker in the neck and bridge, a push-pull volume knob for S1-switching, a push-pull tone knob for neck coil-tap, and a mini-switch for bridge coil-tap.

I'm looking into permanently mounting a GK-2A pickup, and the most efficient way (that I can see) to do so is using a concentric pot for synth and guitar volume, and two push-pull tone knobs(both coil taps). Then, of course, there's a switch to choose between guitar, synth, or both, and another mini-switch for S1-switching.

I want to modify the body as little as possible, and the way things are looking, I can get by with only putting a hole in the pickguard and drilling the midi-out jack cavity, as well as a small amount of control-cavity routing, but only if I can find a concentric push-pull pot.

Can anyone help me? If not, it's not a huge deal, I can do a bit more routing and put a couple more holes in the pickguard, but it would be a huge work-saver if I could find one of those pots.