I use Mixcraft 3.1 to record my stuff. This song im posting on my profile is rough, I just really got the melody and everything, but I get this horrid high pitched buzz type noise. Just listen to the first 2 seconds of the song. I have no idea what it is, I upgraded my mic, it still isn't great but it's better.

PS comments on the song so far would be wonderful, it's called Everfree as of now.


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check the sound gate
it has nothing to do with the mic
unless u are using like a plug in and dropped it alot?
and u should record the vocals seperatly
i can barely hear them
This seems like a decent mic to me. It's basically brand new. When I record the song in it's entirety I do record it seperately, I still need a bridge for this one. But that still has that horrid noise in it. What is the sound gate exactly? Like the amount of noise that's let in? I think it may be a little ways up, but not all the way.
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Do you have a ground switch on your recording hardware? I have an EMU-0404 USB and it has one on the bottom, if you have a ground loop (or whatever it's called) just flip the switch and it takes out the hum. I'm not sure if that's what you have but it's worth a shot.
hey I left a comment for your song "stars"

I really like it. You can see my full comment on your page

keep up the good work man!
Thanks for the comments. I may try a different recording program before I go buy another mic. What's a good free program besides Audacity, I already have it. Are there any others?
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