Cross Tv's "They sold their Souls for Rock n Roll"

Has anybody seen these 2 documentaries? Both of them representing totally opposite views with one (Cross TV one) labelling and proving the whole modern music industry as morally wrong and corrupt. And then Zetigeist simply proves the whole of christianity as false and then goes on explaining Marxist views about how the world is controlled by a few American bankers and how religion (and other institutions) have been used to maintain and legitimise the exploitation and oppression of the proletariat.

I initially saw the Cross Tv's documentary. As a matter of fact, I was searching for some other rockumentary and accidentally downloaded this Cross tv one. After watching that film I went into a 3 day depression..as I couldn't handle and understand what some of the metal bands(even my favourite ones) were actually following.

And then I saw Zeitgeist...which was surely made by an Athiest and just proved religion as crap.

Ok so here's my Question - I completely understand why someone would choose to be an Athiest, but I just don't understand why someone would want to become a Satanist and follow Satan of all beings?? I mean, Athiests say that religion is the cause of much disorder taking place in the world right now. Fair enough ; quite understandable. But being a Satanist and doing wrong??
If there are any Satanists reading this then please explain to me why you choose Satanism? It's a friendly question. I'm not criticizing anyone. I just want to know more.
Satanists don't really follow Satan, read the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey (you can find it on the net)
and then post about all this in the religion thread.
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Making a thread titles "religion" when there is an "only religion thread" at the top of the page is pretty bold.

And satanists don't actually worship Satan. It's just a name.
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