Alright,this is a game me and my friends play and I'm bored so I wanna get a massive game of it going,the user above you gets to answer the question and then post 2 things that the next user has to choose from,comments on peoples choices are also welcome,hopefully this will be a hit haha good luck.

I'll start it off with something fairly easy.

If you had to choose between drowning yourself in a shallow mud puddle with rocks,or jumping off the tallest building in the world what would you do?

Edit : Also try not to reuse like the exact same one and if your answering a question thats already been answered,state your own personal reason to keep it interesting.
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Dont we already have about a billion "would you rather" threads?

Phail you lose the game.

In answer to your question,I have no idea,I'm just bored and this is a game my friends and me play.
Would you rather use the search bar or...
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Would you rather eat a handfull of nails or drink the worlds strongest acid