So I'm trying to record so music on there and I'm intending to put 2 guitars, bass, and drums and such.

I have recorded the 1st guitar and i did the second and as i played it back the second guitar was delayed.

After each recording the instrument get delayed more and more.

Whats up with this????
i dont know dude that happend to me too, i stopped using that stupid program.
It happens, you just have to shift it back to where it should be...not exactly difficult if you zoom in.

I never have trouble recording with it, which I do frequently because I'm not able to spend much money on a DAW such as ProTools or Logic, or even Cubase.

And it's not a stupid program; considering it's free, Audacity is a brilliant program.
youre right! i just hate it cuz it made my computer shutdown and i just went trough alot of trouble with it.
Haha, well it runs dreadfully slow considering how small a program it should be in comparison to the more detailed ones. But then, I run it on my laptop which isn't that high-spec now it's a couple of years old.

I've not had it shut down anything, but the version before the new Beta one kept crashing every so often, that totally sucked.
its called latency i think.
what i do is i just do a dead pick four times to count myself in when i play. and i do it for each track, then after you record you use the tool with the two arrows pointing either way, to drag the tracks in line, which will be easy with the four visable clicks you made at the start of each track.
I record with it all the time. I do the first acoustic track and then I add the other tracks as I go. Lets say I'm doing 2 acoustic tracks, 2 bass tracks (I do that and usually pick the best one or do a little mixing and matching to get a good one) and sometimes percussion. After I record the 2nd track I Mute that and use the first one as the reference track, same for the rest, I just keep muting them till I am done. Then I line everything up and away she goes...

Make sure that all non-essential software is turned off while recording. That includes virus-checkers (Norton's is a BIG resource hog), Instant Messengers, etc. And a defragged hard drive doesn't hurt either.