Awesome guitar 9.2 outta 10 has a humbucker from hell and a megadrive both brand new comes with ibanez case bar etc..will ship internationally if paid up front would rather have MO so to do away with paypal feesif your oversees id like to have the postage paid beforehand no xptions guitar is awesome i just have to many heres pics......the quilt is very pretty and the woodgrain on back is very decisive and patterous...beautiful guitar pm me
would like 575.00 due to the new pickups and wiring cost #9929523 has a super wizard bubinga neck and i just polished and very heavily oiled with three different oils over a two day period the neck and its awesome...just have to many thanx comes with case........
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wish ya luck with that, i'd buy it if i had some cash
free bump nonetheless
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...saving for
Awesome shine, but I can't even see the color... Might want to upload a picture where you can see it. Anyway, free bump.
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