I want to get a digitech whammy and a dunlop crybaby and I noticed the digitech EX-7 has both models built in. I probably wouldnt use the other effects on the EX-7 so I was wondering if I should get the crybaby and the whammy or just buy the EX-7. Would it measure up to having them both and what are some of the things I should take into mind about it?

Thanks, Scott.
Get the individual pedals.

Multi-effects can show similarities for others, and do have resemblence, but they're just not the same.
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Im not looking for the EXACT sound but does the EX-7 have the settings of the digitech whammy in one pedal like obvoiusly it will have one octave up - one down but can you change the harmony effects and the whammy effects like on the WH-4?
oh...that I have no idea on. I know I bought the boss GT8 and wish I would have just spent the extra money and bought like 6 separate ones...
it depends.
if you want limititations then get the EX-7, they're not the whole pedals inside one, they're just fragments.
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I'do go with individual pedal, but wouldn't exactly recommend the standard crybaby
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