Has anybody ever had that feeling?

I play mostly metal... I play songs and do finger / shred exercises but I still don't feel comfortable with my playing. For example when I improvise over a track it doesn't feel like I'm playing as good as I should be, like I don't know what to do to make my playing sound as good as I want it to.

Any suggestions on how to make the work is pay off? For the record I play at least an hour a day MINIMUM (usually spans to two or three) trying out different songs and different finger/theory exercises.
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Strange, how long have you been playing?

Try new songs.
Sweep picking.

I feel that way too... try playing with some other people... it will help you improve because your playing with their style also and need to bend to match
listen to some new music? learn some more theory? take a couple days off? Expand your technique?

couldnt hurt to try everything
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Just keep improvising. The more you do it, the better you will become.

Try some blues, funk etc, as well. It all helps.
All good points. And im find when i get to a certain point i get lazy in my playing.
Like when your improvising ALWAYS ALWAYS put 110% in.
Also writing my own stuff motivates me. And accompyments (sp?) to my own stuff. Youd be surpised how much matching a cool drum track to your riffs motivates you.