ok, so anyone got any sad stories, guitar or anything realated i guess?

i'll start.

mines about my playing ability.

so two years ago, i could fly and play "The Divine Suicide Of K" and "Divinty Within" by Protest The Hero.
A year ago, my wrist suffered major trauma from a car running over it. don't ask, i was drunk. obviously. anways, so i had to get surgery.
and now, i can no longer play really fast anymore, but i have fully recovered and can play Human Abstract's "Vela, Together We Await The Storm".

continue pit?
You sir a quite crafty. We have no choice but to comment because that is actually a sad story involving guitars. If we don't comment, we be mean. Thats not fun(Yo story I mean)
getting an expenisive guitar and getting that first ding or scratch in it that just ruins its perfectness
Oh I actually have one.
Thinking the giantness of the explorer makes it brootal, but it really just makes it a target for every mildly pointy thing in my house.