Alright guys, here's the deal:

I need a head! Preferably 100 watts, but if it's a cool head I could deal with 50 watts.

but...and there's always a but...i don't have any cash! all I can do is trade.

and, honestly, I'm really asking a lot with this deal because I don't have any really great pieces of gear. I'm mainly looking for cheaper solid state heads something like:
marshall valvestates
peavey transtubes
crate GT3500H
Ampeg VH140-C
line 6 spider series
hell, i'd even trade for a cheap rack setup provided the deal was right!

you get the idea.

so, here's what I've got to trade (i'll post pics if there's interest):

- Douglas 5 string Fretless bass, brand new still in the box from rondo. put a set of DR high beams on

- Applause by Ovation AE-28 Black, bought around 2000, used for a high school guitar class and then it's just sorta sat in it's case. black chipboard case included

- Alesis SR-15 drum machine, brand new in the box never been used

- Roland Cube 15 combo, a little old but works in perfect condition

- Squier Strat Affinity Series, bought back around 98. it's a little beat up, but definitely usable. includes wang bar and back plate.

- Coffin Case, black molded plastic with velvet purple interior. bought back before they were available in musicians friend

- RockBass Case, for bass guitar. has some stickers on it. i'm sure you can remove them if you wanted.

i've probably got some other stuff i'm not thinking of.
in general all of this equipment is in great shape, I take care of my gear and if i didn't think it was in good shape, i wouldn't sell it.

the idea i'm thinking is that someone could throw me a trade offer on a head and I could trade you for one or more of any of the items listed.
pretty much any reasonable offer won't be denied.

and just to be sure this is clear: I don't have any cash I can put in on a deal but I will pay for shipping on all my items, all you have to do is ship your head to me!


I've a Vox AD50VT combo with a speaker line out, its a very decent amp, very high reviews if you read up about it quite heavy and im in ireland if you want it your gonna have to pay for shipping too . Its a modelling amp it models alot of classic amps and some nice hard rock and metal its very very versitile i've found most if not all tones on this amp with a little fiddling, its 50 watts and transtube its a cracker 300 euros? plus shipping costs.

but I think your a bit too far for me
yep, i'm in the USA and I only want head units anyway.

thanks though.
I might be interested in a few of the things you got there. Do you have any pics of the 5 string bass or the coffin case?

EDIT: I just found your post on Sevenstring.org (I lurk there from time to time) that's a nice one. How does it play? PM me
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