im in a melodic metal (death)metal band and we are playing a gig middle of may. for the gig we have prepared 4 songs "Arms of Sorrow-kill switch engage; Hand of blood-BFMV; Babylon AD- Cradle of filth; day it all came down-insomnium"

the way i picture the gig is this:

Guitarist intro, we made this original 'guitar solo' type song-it will get the crowd to listen to us and take us seriously and impress them (hopefully)
--or possibly vivaldi tribute, i dont have it down yet so i dont want to say for certain

hand of blood-get the crowd going and most people know it
arms of sorrow-kinda calming and we do it very well

Keyboard solo/break for everyone else, we have this song by night wish, dont konw what its called sorry but it sounds pretty cool and our keyboardist plays it very well

day it all came down-most melodic song and its really really cool
babylon ad-its very powerful and we play it well

id just like to know if anyone has any suggestions as far as the line up is. i am also not aware of how long we have (but i suspect about an hour). anyone make any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it. thanks
I think you should play more songs instead of taking solo breaks. And see if you can't write one of your own before then.
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Four songs and a few solos for an hour's worth of gig time?

I'd say you should pad that out significantly with some more songs. We don't know your band though, we don't know what you guys like and what you play well, so we can't really give an educated recommendation on stuff you should play.

Ideally, write your own stuff. Even if you only play one original song, it'll pay off. Otherwise, get your band together and brainstorm for stuff to cover, and pick songs that you all really want to play.
Why are you saying death metal? Regardless, if you're going to be playing for a death metal crowd and you think that stuff is death metal, you're going to get ripped apart.

Anyways, I think you need some more songs if you're playing for an hour. Try some originals if you can.
now im sorry i dont mean to say bfmv is deathmetal, we are learing are you dead yet, day it all came down and the black waltz, which is death metal, but for now we are playing the songs we have best down, we have an original but the others would rather get the covers down first befor doing the original

if we can get the time shortened to an appropriate time do you think the setlist is fine?
Try a few originals, but dont fill up the space with em, no ones going to give a damn if you aren't a big local band. Play more covers. Just play a bunch of carcass songs, you can't go wrong with carcass.

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