I have heard good things about agile.

Do they have shecter like necks? Or are they more ibanez like?

How about the brand douglas or sx?
The prices seem too good to be good

How do they compare to ibanez, fender, and the usual brands
I have an SX strat... It's cheap but good for the price. Amazing workmanship, considering the amount you pay for it.
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I'm going to hijack this thread since I got no good replies after making a thread......

This is going to be a guitar that I'll use as a backup or an extra for when my friends come over etc. and I wouldn't mind customizing it a little since they're so cheap.

An Explorer knockoff:
I've always wanted an Explorer (Metallica fan ) and this would give me some time to get a feel for that odd shape before I got the real Gibson version down the road. I'll probably replace the knobs, maybe the bridge pup, I might put a killswitch under the pickguard even though it would be in an odd place and I might get the strap buttons moved elsewhere because I've heard of this model having problems with neck-dives...

I played a Telecaster a while back and fell in love with the shape. I play a lot of Metal and such so I'd replace the bridge pickup, again I might put stuff under the pickguard and I wouldn't do much else but I haven't heard very good stuff from the reviews of this model so I'm kind of hesitant....I still don't want to pay for a full priced Fender though or even the higher end Squires really....

This one just looks really comfortable to me it I like how the maple fretboard contrasts against the black body. (Which would normally keep me away from a guitar.) It has EMG's so I might not need to replace anything for a while and I probably wouldn't change anything else on it besides the knobs....

Beautiful guitar, I originally considered the Wine Red finish but I love how the Black Beauty style looks...I don't think I'd change anything on this except the pickups but I'm sure they're fine

That's the ones I'm considering, I don't want to spend over 200$ on the guitar itself and I'm trying to get different shapes than the ones I have now. (Strat, warlock and an acoustic that looks like a Strat/Tele mix.) I'm not sure if there's a cavity under all the pickguards so I might not be able to customize all of them as much as I though but getting a new guitar is always fun. Really, I'm kind of hesitant about ordering a guitar in the first place since you can't feel it before buying and I'm picky with guitars but I'm going to go out on a limb for this one...

Opinions are greatly appreciated and I apologize for the lengthy post. (And for future reference, I've asked in a few other Agile threads and didn't get replies.)
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