I really like the idea of a scalloped fret board, but the only guitar close didn't even have any Gibson guitars so I doubt they will have of of these for me to try out.

So to those who have play a guitar with a scalloped fret board what's it like?
wait..what? ur saying about malmsteen strat a fender and thats theres no gibsons...?

anyway, havent played a scalloped fretboard yet..

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They do allow for huge bends and really good vibrato. You have to have a light touch though, other wise the string will not be in tune.
Do you have any guitar you don't use?

If so, take that one, and scallop the frets and see if you like it. If you do, scallop the frets on your main guitar, or maybe your secondary (assuming you have 3).
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yeah trying it out on an old guitar is a good idea, i love scalloped frets by the way, i found it made legato, including tapping harder to play though