so i know this person who for the past 3/4 months or so has remained sleepless for about 2 days a week. This is accomplished through the extensive use of the drugs listed above, all of which they don't have a prescription for so its HIGHLY illegal. This isnt for fun but too keep up with their rigorous class schedule (3rd year aeronautical engineering, aka ROCKET SCIENCE). My question is what does this kind of effect does the use of those drugs have on the health of a person? As far as i know, those drugs are slightly less potent version of speed. Their tolerence is to the point where it takes about a 50 mg dose of aderral for them to even start feeling it. What they feel i still don't know. I am thinking of getting some people together for an intervention as i think this has gotten WAY out of hand.
good idea on the intervention but yea the person mention sure does have a strange set of circumstances that got him/her hooked on the stuff. Maybe also find out where he keeps getting the pills and try to somehow stop his supply.
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This really belongs in the drug thread.

But...occasional use of amphetamines isn't really harmful. And first of all, Ritalin and Concerta are methylphenidate, which is not an amphetamine at all. Adderall and Ritalin are completely different chemicals. Can't really say which is more harmful, but I can say Adderall is a lot more fun. If he's using this stuff daily and it's effecting his health a lot, talk it over with him, see if you can get him to cut back or stop. If it's something he does like twice a week...it's not gonna kill him any time soon. As long as he's not using extremely high doses, and doing it consistently day after day, you shouldn't be all that concerned.
yeah amphetamines (like adderall) are pretty addictive and as far as health goes, they can wreak havoc on your cardiovascular system if you use them too much.
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it's not good for his heart.

read erowid or take it to the drug thread if you need more info.
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