i haven't figured out what the easiest way to organize all of this was. we can do one thread if the general population just wants one thread.

listening now.
It looks good, but would anyone be so kind as to tell me how I actually play the songs? I've been clicking away at the page now for 10 minutes
you should just be able to click it and have it play. do you have scripts blocked?
I opened it with Interent Explorer and it worked. I really enjoyed it, especially the inclusion of Nick Drake!
funny you should ask, i'm transferring sign-ups and archives to each thread as they come. so here it is:
March 29th - uhh_me?
April 6th - Monkeygone2hvn
April 13th - xX*Zeppelin*Xx
April 20th - Draken
April 27th - Fugazirancid
May 4th - slinks
May 11th - starsnostars
May 18th - somewhat_here
May 25th - bah_hambug
June 1st - pumpkins_rule
June 8th - bradulator
June 15th - blackflag49
June 22nd - Broken_Drum
June 29th - Mack56
July 6th - DorkusMalorkus
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agreed, i'll just end up bumping people up by a week if someone skips out. if people don't do their playlist and still want to do one i will just put them on the end of it.

oh, and i listened earlier to the whole thing. i enjoyed it, especially Here It Comes.
i just hope everyone keeps listening. sucks putting time and effort into something when no one cares.
i think doing things bi-weekly (whichever definition you choose to use) would make things worse. once every two weeks and people forget about it and the whole process is slowed down. twice every week and people won't stop to listen to each one.
I think once a week works out well, and thanks for listening I enjoyed making the mix.

I think my favorite find was the 764 hero split with modest mouse, I find it really cool
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Wait... Sorry, but do I have to do anything special to get it to play? I've clicked on the link but nothing is playing. Thanks.

That happened me. I was using firefox but I switced to Internet Explorer, clicked the first track and it worked.
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also, kudos for finding a wilco track that i actually like.

perhaps because Woody Guthrie wrote the words...
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also, kudos for finding a wilco track that i actually like.

the wilco song is taken from lyrics that woody guthrie wrote in the years before he died but he never wrote music for, so billy bragg and wilco collaborated and made 2 albums with all these leftover lyrics that he left behind, pretty sweet stuff.

and the sugarcubes is just bjork's old band before she went solo, also pretty cool.