So of late ive become fascinated with 7 and 8 string guitars. After a while i was hoping to buy an 8 stringer but maybe a 7 first to kinda build up to the idea of having extra strings. Is this a good idea or should i just dive right into the 8?

Any and all help appreciated.
play them both and feel what is more comfortable to you,

I think it is of no use buying a 7string if you know you are going to want 8 within a few months anyways.

go have some fun in a guitar store m8
Hey this is just my opinion here, and sorry if I seem rude, but if you haven't really good a hang of six strings and you can still imporove on the standard six strings maybe you should stay away from seven or eight. After all, if you can't play six, it'll be alot harder to use eight without continously chugging on the lowest note you have. Trust me, it happens to alot of people who don't know how to properly utilise the low strings. Just take that into consideration, I don't want you wasting money.
yea i agree with circle, figure out what is most comfortable with you and make sure you really know what you want and that you're actually going to need/use those extra strings. i saw a bass player with a 5 string and he only played on two of them (seemed like a waste to me)
go for the eight string. when i was starting out on bass i learned on a five string and its been perfect for me so far, i havent had any problems with extra strings so you should be fine
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8 string guitar vs 6 string guitar is, I think, a more significant difference than 5 string bass vs 4 string bass.
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