I'm in the process of upgrading all my gear to a good enough standard to start doing some decent recording, and when it comes to amps, i'm not sure what would suit my purposes best. Since i play almost entirely either high gain fairly trebly metal (power/prog, a la Nightwish, Sonata Arctica, Symphony X) or clean and don't have a massive budget, i've got my eye on a couple of the Engls. Since i'm planning this mainly for recording, i initially zoomed in on the E530 preamp, as it gives me everything i need at the moment, and avoids any volume problems (neighbours etc). But then i realised that buying it will pretty much force me to build a rack when i need to start gigging, which could get expensive. So i turned to the Screamer 50 combo, as it would be cheaper long term, but more expensive up front. I started reading the reviews, but it sounds like this could get more expensive too, as a lot of people seem to be saying that you need an extension cab to make the most of it. On top of this, it doesn't seem to be as trebly as the E530. So guys, i need your advice - which would be a better investment? Has anyone else tried either of them, and what do you think?

And before you say it, i can't try either, as i've found no-where here that carries them, after 2 years of looking.
You don't really need an extension cab. The amp will sound fine in its combo form. I think it might suit you. ENGL amps are quite bright sounding.
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get the e530 for now and when you get your stuff together, then get a nice tube power amp when you need to gig.
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How would the screamer be for recording - i can't really mic it, as a 50W tube combo is gonna be waaay to loud in an enclosed space.