I've gotten out of the phase of making music just for fun... Now i worked on this. Its not finished but its a really nice preview... unlike someoff my other songs that are hard to play.. This is rather easy, I think its pretty catchy lol. I plan on recording when i get my new microphone in a few days. So look for an mp3 soon... Enjoy listening hehe.. C4C thnx for viewing hehe...
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How do you change the sound of a guitar (the tiny red box)? Because I can't hear guitars after the intro. (in gp5)
thats weird umm. Theres a box that is red and green its called the mixer. If u cant listen to it through gp. Use midi lol... dunno why yur getting problems...
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How do you change the sound of a guitar (the tiny red box)? Because I can't hear guitars after the intro. (in gp5)

You can change the instrument in a track by using mix table. Note --> Mix Table

(on topic again)

Very nice song... but maybe you should have added a... some sort of final note to the song. So instead of ending unexpected and fast, you could either have a final measure with all the instruments playing the key tone, or chord...
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pretty good, but repetitive. i skipped through parts of it cuz it was all just variations of the same thing. it might just be me though because i dont like using let ring on midi instruments o.0

8/10 pretty good job! c4c? a lonely descent in sig plz

EDIT:fixing left out words and stuff
I find that it works sometimes to change the instrument and then change it back. but best bet is to just turn off RSE.

everything I was thinking has already been said. but other than that, the main riff was pretty cool and the tempo changes flowed nicely. but the main thing is that you need to vary it a bit more.
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I agree with Drumma... It's pretty repetitive. I think you should throw some different riffs/licks in there to knock some of the repetition down.
Nice song, but yeah, a bit repetitive in some part. You should probably changed some of the parts playing the main riff, since it is repeated waaaay too often. I suggest that you also modify the tempo change part, the first one at bar 47 IMO kinda killed the mood. I don't know if it's just me, but it felt way too early to slow it down. Now go and finish it!

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Quote by henkka_potku
How do you change the sound of a guitar (the tiny red box)? Because I can't hear guitars after the intro. (in gp5)

That happened to me, click on the mixer and then click the volume option and it will automatically be set to the correct volume level from there, but that was good, I liked the build up of it and the main riff.
The clean guitars reminded me of something KsE might play!

After that, it sort of grows into it's own thing!
The tempo changes to go back to the chorus? Is pretty cool!

Bar 67 made me jump, i'm typing on here hwile listening so I had no idea it's coming up!
Riff after that is cool!

Outro flowed well from whatever section it was.

May I suggest labeling the different sections?
It might be easyer in the future!

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Anyways, Ima work my way backwards thru this song.

The ending finished a bit abruptly but what you have there sounds great, not sure but do you have those distorted chords in the "appreggio up" mode? If so may i suggest not doin? It doesnt sound right, but the chords themselves sound good.

....Listening to the last part again, where did the drums disappear to after 2:05? Or is there not supposed to be any thereafter? The drums that you had sounded good.

0:36 - 1:15 that sounds GREAT, that riff with the bass and the drums sounds incredible. DO NOT (again) DO NOT change it.

Overall, it did have its repetitive parts but i think with sorta song its supposed to, you DID write variations of the same thing instead of just writing the same riff over and over again.