I am currently working on an essay outline for my english class, and I am having trouble finding a 4th example of revenge taking an effective roll in the actions of a character in the book a tale of two cities.
So far I have:
- Madame Defarge's basic need for revenge against the entire upper class system because of the death of her family.
- Gaspard killing the Marquis because of him running over his son.
- Fouron being caught and hung by the peasants for saying that "if they are hungry and cannot afford food, let them eat grass"

Help would be greatly appreciated. I shall continue to rack my brains and look through websites and essays online to search for other examples.

-Madame Defarge raped a pig during the flood of '68 and now Gaspard wants revenge because he was in love with the pig, aswell as a coconut.
Love the book

You could always talk about the Justice's need for revenge against the upper class also (shes Madame Defarge's sidekick kinda I think if I remember).