Hallo people of the Ultimate guitar forums . I am looking for a new bass guitar. I play in a band and we like to play hard rock and metal. I am thinking of getting a Hellfire bass guitar from Halo. Now ive heard they are bad. SO im hoping u lot can give good advice on whether or not to get it. And if i shouldnt get it what else should i get.


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The dean I tried was pretty rubbish, but I don't know, it may suit what you play.
Maybe look into some Ibanez basses? I've heard some good things.
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Do not go for BC Rich or Dean, they look metal but that's about as far as it goes.

Take a look at Schecter, Ibanez and Spector for a more modern sound or a good old Squier Precision or Jazz bass for a more old-school sound.
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I'd recommend Ibanez and Yamaha, try out some.
They've both got some pretty good five strings.
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I'm playing on a Warwick Corvette 5-string. Really like both the sound and the looks on it.
try ibanez
the SR series are really great
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spector basses. exactly what you need. give me a price range i could probably find a good one for you too
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price isnt an issue

then maybe a warwick, try one
i have heard they are ment for metal
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Squier VM p-bass(i chosed it over a fender!!!) with quarter pounder and gotoh 201!!
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Quote by cusclade
price isnt an issue

well then, Fender Jazz Deluxe MIA, Warwick, Musicman, Lakland, G&L, or Rickenbacker. if price isn't an issue. have the Fender Custom Shop build one for you.
shouldn't be more than $2500 to $4000. what a bargain. for accurate advice, we need a price limit. if money is not an issue, see the "dream bass" thread.
Wait wait wait- You can get a bass from the Fender custom shop?
How do I get in contact with them?

So, you want to do metal? Do you want to blend in the background, or stand out?

For the former, go with an Ibanez, Spector, or a StingRay (I'd say StingRay 5), or MIA Precision Deluxe.

To stand out, go with a Rickenbacker, MIA Jazz, Warwick, or Lakland Jazz-style.

Also, what kind of amp/cab/combo are you using?
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depends how much money you have if your at about the 400-500 range do yourself a favor and get schecter for sure.