I want a change from my lovely Ibanez Prestige. There is nothing wrong with the guitar itself aside from minor damage sustained to the paint work - I've just grown to dislike the floating bridge system.

The guitar itself is an Ibanez RG 1570 Prestige in Mirage Red. Maple Prestige Wizard Neck, Basswood body with Edge II tremolo system. Pickups are stock - never got round to changing them. (Ibanez V7 + V8 Humbuckers in the neck and bridge positions respectively with an S7 single coil in the middle.)

Included with the guitar is a Hard case (Official Ibanez) as well as the tool kit and documentation you receive with the guitar at point of first purchase. I'll even throw in a Strap and Jack Lead.

The guitar plays beautifully and sounds amazing clean or with lots of gain. I've already adjusted the action to remove fret buzz and the intonation was professionally set before I left the store. One slight problem is a manufacturers fault and is through no action on my part: The single coil pick up has a tendancy to cut out due to bad cable positioning underneath it and so will occasionally require a slight nudge to get it working again but aside from that and the afformentioned chips in the paintwork, the guitar is fine. (3 small chips - one on the bottom 'horn', one on the lower inward curvature and one at the base near the strap attachment.)

I got the guitar for £530 and so, due to it being now second hand and slightly impaired aesthetically, I'm looking for prices around £500 although I welcome offers near that region but will not sell for under £450. You must be able to come and pick the guitar up yourself from Kings Heath in Birmingham or at a push Birmingham City Centre. I thought I'd give you lot the opportunity to consider buying it first before I chuck it to the eBay masses.
My Gear:

Crafter FW 700ES Electro-Acoustic

Squier Strat (Cheap Chinese one but I got it for free.)

Ibanez RG1570 Prestige

Marshall MG30DFX

Line 6 Uber Metal Distortion
What the hell is it with people posting everything in the pit. There's like 20 other sub-forums.
HAHA, ur pricing phails, everyone would rather pay and extra £30 for one without chips and working pickups.

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