Well I was cleaning my guitar and I confused the fretboard conditioner with the string coditioner.....
I'm afraid that now I drowned my fretboard in string conditioner there might be some very unpleasant effects on it..Could it possibly dry or even crack/break???
If someone has made a similar mistake or has any clue at all please let me know.I love my guitar and if you know anything to help my fretboard survive this I'd really be grateful.
i once saw a video in which a guy cleaned his guitar up, put the strings on and then sprayed the string conditioner onto the strings, without covering the fretboard so the string conditioner must have had contact with the fretboard.

i dont think anything drastic should happen but maybe you should apply some fretboard conditioner to try to reverse any possible effects?
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Chill, it's going to be fine. Just wipe it all down. If you're totally paranoid about it, next time you change strings, just take care of the fretboard then with the right conditioner. Either way, it'll be fine.