How hard is it to get a new power supply for a pedal if it comes without one? I mean like the cord.
not very hard, my boss ME-50 came without one (tight bastards) and i just bought one from my locla guitar shop, just make sure you specify the pedal make and model so you get the right one, although some of them might be interchangeable, best to be on the safe side.
So you can't get like a generic one with the same specifications from like radio shack or something?
Sometimes the generic ones will work. I have a multi effects pedal and it has no problem with the walmart multi volatage thing. But a BOSS pedal can be very picky. So there is no yes or no answer. You can try it make sure you set it right so you dont accidently feed it the wrong power. But no guarantees.
All you have to do is get down to your local music store or search for one online, pretty simple huh? Generic power supplies will work, but be sure to match up the output (voltage and mA).
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most pedals are 9V DC inner ring negative.

Yep so make sure the power supply you're using has the inner ring negative.
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